Event type 'Attendance (RSVP)’

The event type 'Attendance (RSVP)' allows the organizer to specify one or more dates/times that are already fixed in advance. Participants can indicate their attendance with 'Yes', 'Maybe' or 'No'. This way, the organizer knows exactly who will be present or absent at the event. Because the date(s) are already fixed, no final date is set afterwards. 

RSVP is the abbreviation for 'Répondez s'il vous plaît', French for 'please respond’ and has been around for a long time, e.g. on invitations for certain occasions.

For example, you can use Attendance (RSVP) to find out who will be present at your birthday or anniversary party, a housewarming, wedding, dinner (club) or Christmas. But also for a training or match with your soccer team, field hockey team or other sports. ‘Attendance (RSVP)’ is also ideal to find out who is present or absent at meetings, team days, study days or Friday afternoon drinks with the office.

Create an event with Attendance (RSVP)

How can I use Attendance (RSVP)?
To create an event with Attendance (RSVP), select this type in the 'What' step under 'Type of event’. Then, enter the date(s) that have already been fixed and send an invitation to the participants. You will get a quick and easy overview of who will be present or absent!

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