What types of events can I create?

You can choose four different types of events, which determine how the participants will respondand from which actions you can perform.

You will find this setting when creating (or modifying) the event in the 'What' step (where you specify the title of the event) at the bottom of the page:

  • Group event
    The organizer suggests a number of dates/times. Participants can indicate their availability for each date/time with 'Yes', 'Maybe' or 'No'. The organizer can see which date(s) is the best for the whole group and set it as the final one.
    Create Group event
  • Roster
    The organizer provides a number of dates/times. Participants can indicate their availability per date/time with 'Yes', 'Maybe' or 'No'. The organizer can schedule one or more participants per date/time (at once or per date/time at various moments).
    Create Roster event
  • Attendance (RSVP)
    With this type, the date(s) specified by the organizer are already fixed in advance. The organizer only wants to know who will be present or absent. Participants can indicate their attendance per date/time with 'Yes', 'Maybe', or 'No'. No final date is set afterwards.
    Create Attendance (RSVP) event
  • Registration
    The organizer specifies one or multiple dates/times (these are fixed and will not be set or confirmed afterwards). Participants can register for a desired date/time (only 'Yes'). The organizer can maximize the number of people per date/time (same for all dates or different per date/time). Also, the number of dates/times a participant can register for can be maximized. And lastly, it's possible to manually close date/times to prevent further registrations for the closed date/times. This determines and limits the turnout (automatically).
    Create Registration event

Please note that once the event has been created, you can’t (always) switch types of events. So consider carefully if the chosen event type fits with what you want to achieve.

Create an event

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