Different event types

cally.com has four event types, namely Group event, Roster, Attendance (RSVP) and Registration. But what are the differences between these event types? How do I choose the best suitable type of my event? This article will help you get a clear overview of what each event type can be used for. 

Group event
On cally.com, group events are created the most. When you want to find the most suitable date for everyone, choose Group event. After you've suggested several dates, participants can give provide their availability per date and you can see what date is best for the event to take place and set this as the final one.

cally.com users mostly use Group event for meetings, dinners and nights out.

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It really speaks for itself: use the event type Roster if you want to create a roster or schedule. You can request availability per participant and schedule them for the dates they are needed and available. 

Roster is often used for staff rosters, visiting schedules and competitions.

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Attendance (RSVP)
Do you already know the date(s) of your event? Find out who will be present or absent by using the event type Attendance (RSVP) and get a clear overview of your guest list. Attention: you don't set a final date with this event type, because the specified dates are final.

Events with an 'Attendance (RSVP)' type often include birthdays, parties, trainings, BBQ's and game nights.

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If you want your participants to register or make a reservation for certain dates, you can use Registration. You can limit participation by date/time and/or person. 

The Registration event type is often used for visiting arrangements, courses, workshops and talks.

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