Merge email addresses into one account

It is possible to merge two different accounts or two different email addresses into one account. You can do this as follows:
(Below, account A is the main account and account B is the secondary account that you are going to add to the main account)

  1. Log in to account A (the account you want to keep as your main account).
  2. Click on ‘Account' at the top right of your screen and then on ‘Settings'.
  3. Below the field of your email address (A) you will find 'Add email address' in blue. Click on it.
  4. Add e-mail address (of account) B. If an account exists with this, that account will be deleted and the data will be transferred to account A.
What happens to the data of my old account (B)?
  • The contacts in the address book from account B are transferred to account A
  • Email address B is disconnected from account B and linked to account A
  • You will no longer be able to log into account B: it will be deleted
  • You can now log in with email address B using the password from account A to get into your account A
  • In the overview of events, you will see the events for e-mail address A and for e-mail address B

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