I have been invited to an event, how do I find it back?

If you can't find an event you were invited to, there could be several things going on.

Invited via email
If you are invited via email, you will receive an invitation email. By clicking on the blue button in this email, you indicate your availability for the event. Once you have done this, you will receive a confirmation email. You can always return to the event via this email. Did you not receive an invitation email? The following may be the case:

Invited via link (e.g. WhatsApp)
If you have been invited via a link (e.g. via WhatsApp), you will not receive an invitation email. This is because the organizer has shared an invitation link with you, and therefore did not have to enter your email address. You enter your own email address when you indicate your availability. Only when you save your availability will you receive a confirmation email at the email address you entered yourself. You can always go back to the event via the button in this email to view it or make changes. 
  • Did you not receive a confirmation email? Then the following may be the case:
  • You accidentally made a typo in your email address. Please contact us to correct this. 
  • Our system marks your email address as blocked due to a previous delivery problem. Please contact us in this case.
  • Your mailbox marks our email address as blocked marked. Check this article to fix it: https://support.cally.com/article/286-i-or-participants-do-not-receive-emails-from-cally

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