Coming soon: add a poll

Want to know more from your participants than just their availability? After much demand, it's finally here: 

the Cally poll
Soon you will be able to ask your participants a question by adding a poll to your event.
How will the poll work?

When you create an event, you automatically pass the step where you can add a poll. You fill in the question and add answer options. When a participant specifies his/her availability, he/she is also asked to vote on one or more answers, depending on what you, as the organizer, have chosen. The answer with the most votes wins!

What can I use the poll for?
A few examples are:
  • Who should organize the next outing
  • To vote on which gift you will give to the birthday boy or girl
  • What you want to do during your event
  • Who is taking what to the BBQ

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