Which event link can I share with participants?

You can invite participants to your event via email or link. If you choose to invite via link, it is important that you share the right link of the event (which prevents that participants can manage and change the event).
As the organizer, you have the organizer link of the event: this allows you to manage the event and participants. So you do not want to send this to participants as they will also be able to edit details in the event! So always only share the participant link. This is not the link in the address bar of your browser! You can invite participants via link in the following way:
  1. Open the event
  2. Scroll to the Who? section
  3. Click on 'Options' and then on 'Invite by link'
  4. You can copy the link that appears (or share it directly via WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook or Twitter)

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