7 advantages of a PLUS account

The 7 advantages of PLUS 

Appointment scheduling with added features and no ads make your Cally experience more beautiful, efficient and faster.
Get a PLUS account now - For only €29 per year.

1. Your events are ad-free
You and the participants in your events no longer see any ads. This makes it quieter and clearer for everyone in your event.

2. Add your own logo + documents
Replace the Cally logo on the website with your own logo and easily add documents to your event.
3. Add a date range
You can quickly and easily create a date range, for example for a training session every Tuesday and Thursday evening.
4. Your own cover photos are saved

The cover photos you upload are saved and can be used again immediately at your next event.

5. Add CC email addresses when inviting
Add an assistant, for example, so that they can act on behalf or follow along. 
6. Import up to 1,000 contacts into your own address book
Easily import up to 1,000 contacts into your own address book.
7. All your events are kept
Never lose your events again, because they are kept (without PLUS, they are automatically deleted 1 month after the last date of the event). 

Get a PLUS account now

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