I don't want to receive certain (e-mail) messages anymore

There are several ways to prevent you from receiving (further) messages. Check out the different options we offer to manage notifications below.

Messages about an event (participant)
If you have been invited to an event (via an email invitation), but do not wish to receive any further messages about the event, you can unsubscribe so that you no longer participate and therefore also do not receive any further messages about the event. To do this, please check out this helpdesk article
If you want to remain a participant, but do not want to receive any further messages, you can change this (with an account) through the notification settings (see further down this article). This will affect all notifications for all (future) events.
Notification when someone responds (organizer)
If you have organized an event, you will receive a notification as soon as someone indicates his or her availability, attendance or participation. If you do not want this, you can turn it off for the event in question. This setting can be found in the 'Who do you want to invite?' step during the creation of the event. Uncheck the option 'Notification upon response' to stop receiving these notifications. 
Did you already create the event? Then click 'options' in the overview of the event, to the right of the 'Who?' section and choose ‘edit participants'. Scroll down, uncheck the option ‘Notification upon response’ and click the 'invite' button. Note: do not delete participants (unless you really want to), we do not re-invite existing participants (so clicking ‘Update' only saves the setting).
General notification settings (as organizer or participant)
If you have an account, you can set which notifications you want to receive by email for most of them. This applies to all appointments you organize or for which you are invited. To do this, log into your account and go via the menu to your account overview, tab settings, where you can click on 'Edit' under the heading 'Notification Settings' to adjust the settings.
Never receive messages again (unwanted)
If you don't want to receive any more messages from Cally at all, you can block your email address.

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