I can't find my event in the overview (account)

When you log in, you will see your events in the overview. Here, you will find events that were created with the same email address as your account email address. Events that you have been invited to will also appear here. 

If you also want to see events created with a different email address, you can add the other email address to your account. You can do this by following the steps below:
1. Log in and click on ‘Account' top right in your screen.
2.  Navigate to the tab 'Account'. 
3. Under your email address(es), click 'Add email address'.
4. Enter the email address and click 'Save'.
5. Confirm via the link in the email sent to the new email address.
If you add an email address of which an account already exists, the data of the other account will be transferred and then deleted. Therefore, it will not be possible to log in separately after this and this action cannot be undone. We therefore recommend not to add other people's e-mail addresses (i.e. only your own e-mail addresses), unless the other person does not need to log into his/her own account anymore (e.g. if you take over someone's tasks permanently).

Go to 'My events'

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