Change or set times

You can change and set times

  1. Open the event
  2. Go to 'When?'
  3. Click 'options'
  4. Select 'change times'

In all cases you need to fill in a start time and end time. You can choose between the next options: 

  1. One time for all data. Please select a start- and end time at the first date. This time selection will be automatically added to all added dates. 
  2. Multiple times per date. Do you want to add more than one time to a date? Select ‘add time slot’. Do this at each date you would like to add more times. 
  3. Copy times to all dates. When you create a preferred time selection at the first added date, you can easily copy these to all data by selecting ‘copy to all dates’ (it’s only possible to copy to all dates while creating the event, otherwise you’ll lose all availability provided on other specific times).

When you’re done changing and setting times you can choose to inform your participants by marking the ‘Notify participants of changes’. Otherwise just press ‘Update’ to save changes. 

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