I (or participants) do not receive email from Cally.com.

This is often the result of a spam filter, blocking the email and/or moving it to a spam folder. It is also possible that the email address is incorrect or no longer exists.

You can use the following steps to see if you can solve the problem. If you have made an adjustment, you can send an extra message to check if the email will arrive.

  • Check your spam folder or mailbox with unwanted emails.
  • Make sure your email address or that of the participant is correct.
  • Are you using Outlook.com? Please log in to Outlook.com and right click on 'Options' followed by 'More Options'. Then press 'Safe and Blocked Senders' and then 'Blocked Senders'. If the email address
      is listed, please remove it from the list.
    • If participants have the same domain name in the email address (e.g. the domain name of a company), it is plausible that the spam filter of the company is preventing the email from being delivered. In this case, please contact the IT department of the company and provide the address service@datumprikker.nl as 'safe address'.

    If you have gone through all steps mentioned above, sent an extra message and still have not received an email. Please contact us via the link in the footer.

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